The peat field characteristics

The Gnylushi bog was given to new factory. The name of the bog is derived from the name of village of Gnilushi in the Kozelets district. This village is now called Lebedivka, but the peat field was left with the old name. It is located on the lands of the Maxim village council of Kozeletsky district and Smolyn village council of Chernihiv district. Every year a development plan for this array is being prepared. In the protocol of consideration of the development plan, which confirms the presence of representatives of the central territorial department of state supervision and labor protection, the company “Chernihivtorf”, the plant itself, provides for the corresponding extraction of milling peat for the production of briquettes, measures to create safe conditions for work, strengthening measures for the protection of nature and improving the use of natural resources.

The total area of the bog is 675 hectares and the area of industrial deposits is 472 ha, the depth of peat deposits varies from 2 to 4 meters and its stock, which was estimated at 1576 thousand tons. The type and characteristic are described as low sedge-shrub blanket, ash content is equal 17.8 and humidity is equal 87.1. (data from book «Торф’яний фонд Української PCP», 1959)

By the way, the peat resources of Ukraine (about 70 percent) is estimated for only on the basis of route selection forecast and other partial investigations, which indicates a small level of exploration of all the total peat resources.