Peat dust

Mass fraction of total moisture: 19.7% at a rate of 20%.
Ash content: 20.1%.
Mechanical value: 94% at a rate of 94%.
Calorie content 3740.
Radionuclides are missing.

The use of peat as a fuel, with the development of modern combustion technologies and the use of environmentally friendly energy production processes, is estimated by advanced scientists and experts as the most promising development of energetics in the next century. The technology of the transition of small gas and oil-shale boilers to local fuels is becoming more widespread as fossil fuel prices rise.

“Peat dust” is a sort of fuel. It is obtained from milling peat. Just as in the manufacture of briquettes, it is crushed, dried, but … they is not briquettized. This type of fuel has recently become very popular, as it is a cheap alternative to natural gas. It is used as fuel in industrial boilers.

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