Peat briquettes

Products: peat briquettes
Products are certified.
Certificate issued on July 27, 2017.
Peat briquette meets the requirements: DSTU 2042-92.
Mass fraction of total moisture: 19.7% at a rate of 20%.
Ash content (Ad): 20.1% at the DSTU norm of 23%.
Mechanical value: 94% at a rate of 94%.
Calorie content is higher than normal. Calorie content 3740.
Radionuclides are missing.

Peat briquettes are the cheapest high-calorie fuel for generating heat. At their cost, they are the most competitive in comparison with coal, fuel oil, natural gas.

Peat briquettes are a product of enrichment and processing of the fuel peat.

Characterized by the average heat of combustion – within 14.9 MJ / kg (for comparison – the heat of combustion of natural gas is 31.8 MJ / cubic meter). That means that two tons of peat briquettes give almost as much heat as one thousand cubic meters of natural gas.

As energy raw material peat, in comparison with coal, has a number of advantages, namely:

  • comparatively 2-3 times lower specific value of the unit of mass of fuel;
  • The extremely low sulfur content is 0.15% in peat. Compare to 2-4% in coal

  • noticeable reduction in fuel costs;
  • a large yield of volatile substances in peat (about 70%) provides good conditions for firing firebox;

  • Ash after burning cake can be used to deoxidize agricultural soils and as mineral fertilizers.